CDレビュー: The Rough Guide to Calipso & Soca (1999)








私はカリプソが好みです。何となくしか歌詞が分からないですが8曲目Voices From The Ghettoなんて歌詞これめちゃめちゃシビアなんじゃないのかなと感じたので調べてみたらやっぱりきついものでした。

The sun rises slowly over the hills,
Everywhere is golden sunlight but still
Most nights with sad tales are crowded
Their days with dark clouds are shrouded
They don’t smile and they never will,
Only vultures get their fill.
Empty promises is what they hear
No running water from year to year
Hearts that know one desire –
That if there is a Messiah,
Someday He’d hear their whispered prayer.

Cupboard always bare and scanty
Ten people in a one-bedroom shanty
Forced to sell on the pavement
No vacancies, no employment
Can’t tell firecracker from gunshot
Blood does flow when things get hot
Ah ‘fraid to look out mih window
To hear voices from the ghetto…

[Crying,] crying [crying] ay Lord, Lord [crying] crying, voices from the ghetto
[Crying,] crying [crying] Lord, Lord, Lord [crying] aye ay, voices from the ghetto
Help us Father! Oh, Lord!





4曲目Cyar Take Datもよかった。


I work my finger to the bone for me country
I squeeze blood out of stone for me country
The people in authority
mashing up my family
So much a years that we sweat and toil
Is we blood and tears what till the soil
But we still suffering
And we children can’t see the way, hey
I wake up in the morning and it’s more unemployment
I cyar take dat
I wake up in the morning and it’s more retrenchment
I cyar take dat
When they going to stop all this humiliation
I cyar take dat
Wake up in the morning more frustration
I cyar take dat…No!

Ain’t taking that, so
People ain’t taking that (x4)