Consumers locate their inner Scrooge

Coutney Hamilton’s mound of credit card debt turned her into a first-rate penny pincher this year.

  • mound of


  • penny


  • pincher


Hamilton, 29, a legal secretary from Los Angeles, has $200 to stretch across six gifts.

  • stretch


“I’m hard-pressed for some cash, and I’m trying to live beneath my means.”

  • hard-pressed


  • beneath


Frugal gift-shopping is nothing new, but it will likely become the norm this year, recent consumer research indicates.

  • frugal


  • norm


Although the plastic rectangles will still be among the most popular presents.

  • plastic rectangles


For many facing tighter budgets, paring back the number of people they give gifts to is the first plan of a attack.

  • pare


People on the fringe of a gift giver’s social circle, such as teachers, should expect cookies or nothing at all this year.

  • fringe


Groups are going in together on gifts so individuals won’t have to shell out on their own.

  • shell out


Some shoppers trawl sales for gift items or set aside case each week for presents to avoid overspending with credit cards.

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  • set aside